Are there any Canada Goose outlet stores?

We are planning holiday trip to Canada Goose outlet stores Dec.26 and 30. My concern is, the chilly climate of the area. So I started to look for Cheap Canada Goose Jacket in stores, and found maybe it’s much less expensive after Christmas and there are many Canada Goose shops in Montreal! If possible, I’d like to buy Cheap Canada Goose Jacket just after we reach Montreal. Does any have good shop to buy them? Or, does any know better jackets which is enough warm and can be used in a chilly weather?

Probably your best bet would be Simons … especially on Boxing Day (December 26) … they “might” have them on sale for that.

However as you’ve probably discovered, Canada Goose outlet products are very expensive … are you sure you’d want to spend that kind of money for a 4 day holiday? Montreal and Canada cheap in general are cold in winter, but the period you are here is not the coldest part of winter. Personally I don’t pull my Canada Goose out until January/February, and rarely need it in the city. Dress in layers, with waterproof lined boots, warm gloves and hat.

Any of the main department stores downtown will have winter clothing – La Baie (Hudson’s Bay Co.), Simons, Ogilivy, etc.

You can also try Baron Sports or La Cordée or Altitude, which are outdoor shops.

Although I, too, would question how useful such a good coat would be for warmer weather places. I have a Kanuk, which is basically the same thing, and the model I bought is rated from 0 to -30 C (3[……]

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